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Speaking Opportunities

Keywuan is a thoughtful and engaging  speaker captivating audiences of colleges, universities, faith-based groups, organizations, and beyond.  He delivers keynote addresses and lectures with intentionality, specificity, and encouragement. Whether he is a guest on a panel or facilitating a discussion, you will find him to be authentic and charismatic encouraging reflection, inclusion, and action. 



Topic areas include:
Diversity, Inclusion, & Social Justice
Activism, Advocacy & Allyship
Supporting Students of Color
Black Male Engagement
Black Male Identity in America
Engaging Greek Life in Diversity and Inclusion
Inclusive Excellence in Leadership
Inclusive Practices for the Helping Professional
Inclusive Classroom Practices

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Build An Experience

There may be a direct need in topic areas that may not be mentioned.  With Keywuan's depth of experience and wealth of knowledge, a collaborative approach is encouraged to build curriculum suitable for your team.  Click 'Connect With Me' at the top or bottom of this page and let's get started!


Thoughtful. Authentic. Motivational.
Forward Focused.

Moving ahead together


Some presentation/workshop titles include:

Changing the Game at the Intersections
Safe(R) Space Training
Language Matters
Building Inclusive Communities
Digital Approaches to Combating Micro-aggressions
Woke at Work: Building and Sustaining Diverse and Inclusive Communities
Stand and Win! IntentionALLY & StrategicALLY Defining ALLYship

The Challenge of Change
Why me?

Pol-LOC-tics of "Dread"locs
Challenging Toxic Masculinity & Defying Social Constructs
We R Enough
Ace the Interview - for future student leaders
Uncovering Our Unconscious Learning: Mindsets & Labels
Digital Diversity
How Tight Is Your Swag: Introspection and Behavior Modification


Partnership. Engagement. Empowerment.