Keywuan J. Caulk

Keywuan is an amazing professor and has taught me to not be afraid to initiate conversations on issues that are important to me, even if no one else is talking about them at the moment.

I’ve learned to seek nuance and not force singular narratives. From him, I’ve learned to be critical of platforms and spaces that are “for” my identities and communities. He has always been supportive in and out of the classroom, and I’m more than grateful to be one of his students.

Thank you, Keywuan!

/  D. AMaro, undergraduate  /


I attended a workshop by him a few years ago. I remember what I loved most about the experience was the intro. You took the time to create an atmosphere for people to be comfortable which is so important when people are going to be discussing such sensitive topics. He used an acronym (P.R.O.C.E.S.S.), and asked that the lessons leave the room, but for what’s discussed to stay between the group.

/  a. lEWIS, cOLLEAUGE  /

I think my favorite conversation we've had thus far (I enjoy always talking with him) is after I was distress after doing some spiritual work in terms of doing an inventory about myself because I am in a 12 step program that helps maintain my sobriety. After telling my innermost character secrets and talking about my character defects, I learned that I have a complicated relationship with my spirituality and sexuality. I came to Keywuan's office in distress. I tried to hide it, but he knew as soon I came in. We had a compelling discussion about how sexuality is a personal journey within yourself before you present it to your loved ones. Furthermore, that falling in love with myself and figuring out what self-intimacy is, is one of the keys in the process of figuring out who I am. And I thank Keywuan for not only making me comfortable and finding a safe space (in him) to address my fears and concerns, but affirming my emotions and letting me know that my higher power made exactly who I am and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

/ N. Waggeh, undergraduate /



Keywuan is the most outstanding person I know. He is very sweet and caring he has helped me become a better me and has helped me grow into the young lady I am today.

He always kept me motivated to do more and be more when I didn’t think I had the potential to do anything out of my league ... thanks for being my male role model in my life.

/ a. sellers, Graduate student /


Keywuan inspired me to push through my comfort zone and find work that truly fulfilled me. His approach to social justice work helped me find my own voice.

The biggest life lesson I learned through Keywuan was to bring grace and humility into all my work, especially when it came to engaging in difficult conversations.

Thank you, Keywuan, for being an inspiration, a champion and most importantly a human being who is willing to teach others with an insurmountable amount of patience.

Much love and gratitude, always.

/ D. Fernando, colleague /