Keywuan J. Caulk

Keywuan J. Caulk
Scholarship for Men of Color


About the Scholarship

More often than not, male identified scholars of color struggle or are unsuccessful in admission and retention in institutions of higher education.  The barriers of our societal and educational structures limit academic resources and success, which can often limit access to financial resources such as GPA-based financial aid, scholarships, and more.  

This scholarship remembers the importance of access to financial resources in education for males of color.  It is based in giving back to underprivileged identities.

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Who can apply?

This scholarship is awarded to a graduating high school male identified scholar of color who demonstrates the following:

  • An interest in diversity, inclusion and social justice/change/responsibility
  • Has a 2.70 GPA or higher
  • Has been involved and engaged during their high school experience; sports, drama, music, clubs, etc.
  • Comes from a low-income household
  • Has been accepted into a community college, college/university, or trade school
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It takes a village...

Community. Responsibility. Support. Love.


It was my village of support and encouragement that helped me matriculate through my college experience, both undergraduate and graduate.  They provided me food, gas, inspiration, possibility models, tough love, gentle and kind words, helped to build my faith in times of discouragement, advice and direction, paid bills and even gave me money.  It is my goal to provide that and more to other men of color on their journey to graduation.


Consider becoming a part of the village that gives access to financial support through the Keywuan J. Caulk Scholarship for Men of Color, a scholarship that provides an award to men of color who demonstrate academic achievement, engagement, need, and college acceptance. 


Your donation will manifest into tuition, books, supplies, food, gas, rent, or any other expense that supports the needs and success of education.

A few minutes and dollars will make a timeless and priceless impact on his future! Join our village.

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